Hypnosis and Mental Training

Member of SBVH (Swiss Professional Association for Hypnotherapy)



Hypnosis can bring profound, surprising changes in many areas. The goal of a session is to efficiently bring the client to his best form.

I offer sessions in German, English, Italian and French.


Discover hidden resources and treasures that reside within you.


With real tools we provide sustainability and safety.


Hypnosis is only useful if you really want it to be. Your decision and cooperation bring the desired success.

Subconscious Mind

Create your own "Damascus experience". A life-changing self-realization that changes your attitude and behavior in a positive way.


Based on Michelangelo's testimony, the statement «We work until we have separated the healthy person from the sick person» was created.

Fit to fly

Together we expand your goals and bring movement into your life.

8 lessons course

PMR – Progressive muscle relaxation by Dr. Edmund Jacobson.

My area of expertise: Flying / Travel

Hypnosis helps with:
  • Fear: fear of flying, fear of misfortune, fear of loss, homesickness, fear of death, fear of vaccinations, fear of surgery, problems after surgery.
  • Stress - usually comes when one needs it the least
  • Time management on the plane
  • Blockades: with authorities, police, doctor, exams, lack of concentration, restlessness
  • Sleep problems: jet lag, noise sensitivity
  • Panic attacks, heart rushing, claustrophobia, nervousness, control compulsion, loss of confidence
  • Fear of radiation, fear of immune disease
  • Problems with smoking, alcohol, drugs
  • Allergies: intolerance to food, breathing problems
  • Travel sickness, travel diarrhea, problems with cabin pressure
  • Tropical diseases, STDs, migraine, pain in general
  • Travel with disabilities, travel for the elderly, travel with children
  • Self-hypnosis during the flight
  • Health during the flight (eating, drinking, sleeping, clothing, activity)

Member of SBVH (Swiss Professional Association for Hypnotherapy).


A hypnosis session demands complete trust in your therapist. This is called a rapport. You want to dedicate yourself to the process honestly and contribute with all your strength to the success of the treatment.

The hourly rate is CHF 130.– or by agreement.

Pay via Twint or in cash.

  • Pretalk
    A hypnosis session includes a thorough pre-talk, which takes place by phone or in person. During this conversation, a precise situation assessment is made. Medical information may also be exchanged (hypnotherapists are under the duty of confidentiality). A goal is set. During this meeting it is also explained to the client what hypnosis is. An understanding of the meaning of hypnosis is of vital importance for its effectiveness.
  • Classic hypnosis session with R2C technique
    Performed with the client in the studio (in compliance with the Covid measures prescribed by the FOPH). It can take several hours. The client should allocate half a day for this. Preferably during the afternoon.
  • Activation of self-healing capacities
    This wonderful, energetic treatment is performed without words. It can be compared to Cranio Sacral Therapy. The client is accompanied under observation through his own healing process. This treatment is well suited for people of all generations. Especially people who are in work life benefit from this form of treatment, which is offered in the studio.
    REIKI is an expression of unconditional love. Love is the strongest power and force in this universe. Love heals everything.
  • Mental Training
    By learning self-hypnosis and autosuggestion, a customized personal power program is created. This has a sustainable impact, because "practice makes perfect". This technique can be compared to autogenic training. In this session, the client learns self-hypnosis and can fully apply it to himself afterwards. This form of treatment can be learned over the phone or in person. A dedicated audio belongs to this form of treatment.
  • Pain, Injuries, Surgery
    In the conversation we work progressively. The treatment includes various elements such as: learning self-hypnosis, progression, anchoring. The treatment can extend over the time period desired by the client. In case of an upcoming surgery, it is recommended to start the treatment before the upcoming appointment. In case of injuries caused by sports, an appointment can be booked at short term at any time.
  • Movement walk&talk
    Walks are being held spontaneously, where interested people can suggest one. Members of the group are asked to be active and to participate or to propose them. Walks can take place anywhere in Switzerland.
  • Brain Hemispheres
    The client can learn quick and efficient techniques to immediately change an undesired emotional state. Personal affirmations and autosuggestion are elaborated.
  • Spa Hypnosis
    This treatment, developed by me especially, is for experts of the spa world. I have developed this type of hypnosis for my flying colleagues. It is an advantage if you have already been in a beautiful spa landscape.
  • PMR
    Progressive muscle relaxation is a very versatile and efficient relaxation method. Dr. Edmund Jacobson developed it based on extensive research. The method is adaptable to time and location. It can be practiced in a lying, standing or sitting position. PMR can be applied in a long or short form, as desired. PMR is ideal for travelers, as it does not require any equipment or particular clothing. The PMR method can be learned in private sessions or in groups. The course can be taken in the studio at Zurich Airport or via videocall.
    A complete course includes 8 lessons of 60 minutes.
    Cost CHF 50.- per lesson.
  • Audio
    If desired, an individual audio will be created.
    Cost CHF 50.–

My Specialization

  • Hypnosis OMNI - ISO certified, international standard
  • Emergency Hypnosis
  • Sport Hypnosis
  • Hypnosis without words
  • Waving, working with both brain hemispheres
OMNI Hypnosis Training Center

About me

Nicola Carmen Keller - Fit to fly

The fact that I have been in aviation service for more than half of my life has had a significant influence on my personality. In the years of my flying career, I have lived with the fact that the only constant is continuous change. How adaptable and resilient a person can be, but also how open-minded and adaptive, has always fascinated me. My personal transformation is the driving force in my life.

Because life can be very fast-paced, you also get a lot of opportunities. You can let go of old patterns of behavior. Adjust to new situations and reinvent yourself many times.

I appreciate it very much for myself that I was able to learn techniques to support my health and vitality. Every day I notice both for myself and through my clients the success of this way of living. Sometimes somebody needs to awake the wisdom that lies already within us.

>>Fit to fly<< is a well-known term in my profession. It is a standard, which can be determined very clearly. So I would like to invite you to become the best version of yourself! Take courage and make the conscious change to an exciting life.

Set yourself smaller and bigger goals that you can look forward to with joy. Get going and become "fit to fly".

Yours Nicola Keller


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>>Fit to Fly<<
Hypnosis and Mental Training

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